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The Judgment / December 6, 2008

One way God is viewed is that He is a Judge. Man was commissioned to care for this earth so that its resources will be means of sustenance for him and consequently an offering to God in that all creation is drawn to Him with power and glory. And what is of the earth will put on light on that day so that the Lord will acknowledge that this is His creation. The Creator, as judge, asks His creature to give an account of the nature, degree and infiniteness of the fruitfulness of his working and care of the earth he was entrusted with. That makes Man realize that he is made in the image and likeness of God.

The creation and Man are one. And the question he has to answer for on the last day is “What have you done with yourself and others and the earth I have given you dominion over to serve it so it serves you in return? Have you neglected yourself, your brother and the world causing aridity to prevail in this creation which I was pleased with when I created it?” “And God said ‘Let there be light and there was light; and God saw that the light is good.”(Genesis 1: 3, 4). And that light, in my opinion, is not only material light, but it is the grace of this Brightness on all creation, which when illumined, does bring about the other creatures one finds in Genesis. And what comes down on the creatures is good because it is brought down on them from above; after that you mix that with the earthliness you and the other creatures are of. And Man can “become fire” when he accepts that his createdness is by the Word. In the account of the creation, all what there is came to be by God’s word and after some time the Word came through the prophets whereby you become a stage only for God striving to keep God the only Landlord on that stage. But your striving is acceptable only if it is done with the “weapons of light” since God is the one who would teach you the art of that spiritual war. He teaches you everything and that is what we call Grace. So if you refuse to fight His war you would have given yourself over to the enemy.

You are the one responsible to use the divine armor the Lord has given you in fighting this war; if you hold on to it you save yourself or else you go into nothingness.

And what we call the judgment is the question the Lord has for you then: “Have you used the armor I have given you or have you left the battle leaving the enemy to overcome you? Have you been faithful to what I have delegated to you knowing that I have commissioned only with what you are able to do and I do not ask you to account for more than that? There are those who are more able than you and I have entrusted them with more; and I will ask them for a greater account but that is not your business. Only I can make judgment on that.

And I would judge you because all what is yours is from me. It is I who has entrusted you with them. Abusing them is called unfaithfulness by humans. I hope you do not rely on my compassion without giving consideration for my judgment. But as for how I am able to reconcile between judgment and compassion, this is a matter you have no notion of and will not be revealed to you until it takes place on the last day; if it does.

You cannot tell the angel who leads you for judgment: “Why do you not spare me this stand?”  One person I hold in great esteem once said: “It is fearsome to fall into the hands of the living God”. And God says: “How can you avoid judgment if I have given you light and you get back to me with darkness? How can I consider your darkness light when it is not so? Do you call this tenderness, compassion and forgiveness?  I have spoken to you of forgiveness so that you do not fall into a depression when you are faced with your own brokenness and fragility. I am able to have mercy on you as you live in this world but I do not invade you by force. You are the one who has to call me to yourself; and that is what I call repentance. But your unconcern for yourself makes you put off repentance and that is because you wrongly depend on my forgiveness. You are called to work with me. You need to be flexible in this. Because you are created, I have given you freedom and I would not be a substitute for it. When you taste my love, it will guide you into all the truth; but be careful not to think that I will drag you to it by force because in that there is a violation of your personal freedom which I have instilled in you as an instrument you would make use of in order to meet me. Someone said that I have given you talents which you can make use of. I will ask you about those. If you have not made use of them as diligently as those in the world make good use of their money, you will be denied the greater talents I have prepared for you had you been obedient.”

“I will ask you about every good and evil deed committed, because you are supposed to eradicate the evil that comes from you. Do not tell me that you had circumstances that forced you into sin. Have you forgotten that I have provided better circumstances for you, those of my grace, and that I have loved you with love greater than the one you love yourself with? But you do not know how to love yourself properly; and you have loved sin more than yourself.”  

“Do not think that I gave those I sent my commandments to make life difficult for you. It is not in my nature to inflict suffering on those I love; and I have loved you but you did not understand and I have served you and you did not sense that. Your sin is that you are not aware of me while you have been aware of the fantasies of your mind and the lust of your belly. And you exalt yourself with your beauty; and what you think is beautiful in you is all manmade.”

“When the angels bring you in my presence, I will remind you of the pleasures that you have yielded to, and that you have not yielded to the joy that comes from the virtues that I have told you can make you great. “

“I will tell you that to raise you from the long “coma” that has fallen on you so that you can see yourself as you are, something you do not like to do. I will reveal yourself to you in your deeds, your words and your thoughts because you close your eyes so that you do not see yourself as you are.

On the last day I will show you yourself as you really are. You will probably tremble at that, because one cannot see ugliness and remain alive. I am the God of knowledge (spiritual) and I do not save those who are ignorant. This is why, on the last day, you need to see yourself as I see you (thus receiving knowledge)“.

“And after you see your ugliness and could see a glimpse of light on my face, you would ask me to dispel your ugliness and I do so purifying you with the waters of my final words: ‘l love you because you are my son though you have been quite negligent thus hurting me. I will create anew in you a love for heavenly Beauty. You are now standing naked before me. I will ask my angels to put on you that mantle of Gold which makes you eligible to enter the company of the saints who have pleased me; and I would make you one with them though you did not please me with your life on earth. And when I meet you as I am crossing the heavens, I would see you only as the one dressed with the golden mantle having realized then that it is I who has thrown that on your nakedness”.

“Come now beloved of mine; though I have brought you before me for judgment, yet I pronounce no condemnation on you”.

Translated by Riad Mofarrij

Original Text: “الدينونة” – 6.12.2008

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