When the disciples believed that Christ became through his crucifixion their rock, the Church started. Nevertheless, this faith still needed to be supported and strengthened in order for the Church to become alive, active and spreadable. So, the Holy Spirit descended on the Church to change them into new creations that could fulfill everything found in the Lord’s Gospel and live through his words. This is why it is wrong to say that the church was created in the Pentecost, because everything was fulfilled on the cross, and this is what Jesus said. However, the Church flourished in the Pentecost. It constantly lives from the descension of the Holy Spirit on it through the Word, the sacraments and especially through the Divine Eucharist. The Church continues through the power of the Spirit that goes beyond our mistakes and sins, erases them and leaves in us every power of the Holy Trinity.

The Holy Spirit sanctifies every person through grace and dwells in all of the Church as well as in every individual, and embraces the individual in a deeper way into the Lord’s body which is the Church. Therefore, the Spirit works in the individual and the group in a way to lead us into the truth that Jesus showed in his life on earth and his miracles, teachings, passions and victory. The Spirit doesn’t add anything to the Gospel but makes us understand it if we read it day after day, taste it and put it in our hearts deeper and deeper.

The Holy Spirit, therefore, creates holiness in us, purifies us constantly and puts in us a growing understanding of what the Lord has taught. All of this, of course, is taken from the Father since the Spirit proceeds from him and also taken from the Son as the Spirit settles in him.

He is the Person (Hypostasis) that carries the truth and distributes it, and if we were connected to him through repentance, Christ would then be reflected in us, ascend us to his Father and unite us with the saints in the heavens so that we all form the one Church of Christ.

He who is filled from the Holy Spirit shall be united with Christ and moving towards the face of the Father and consequently, would be beloved from the Holy Trinity. He who lives in the bosom of the Trinity shall not be in need of anything because the Trinity is the perfection of glory. This person would have his heaven with or in him. This is the truth of the Church because it is found in order for the faithful to be sanctified through the Heavenly Spirit.

The Lord wants us to be sanctified all the days of our lives through the Spirit so that we give our brothers the power to become renewed members in the church, overcoming sin, unafraid of death, loving, and away from hatred so that we won’t appear dead after Jesus has made us alive.

It is important to pray for the Church to be obedient for the Holy Spirit, to be a keeper of the Father’s will, and independent from this world and waiting the grace in every moment so that no one would see anything but light in every Christian; this way, Christ’s victory would witness in every faithful and God’s life would be reflected in every disciple of Jesus.

Translated by Mark Najjar

Original Text: “العنصرة” –Raiati no24- 12.06.2011