Palm Sunday’s Gospel starts with Mary washing Jesus’ feet and continues with the Jews making plans to kill Lazarus her brother because his existence shows Jesus’ power and that is harmful for the Jewish cause. Let then Jesus’ friend be killed: This is something common in crimes.

After that, the Gospel narrates Jesus’ entrance to Jerusalem coming from Galilee and staying in Bethany, the village of Lazarus and his sister and a suburb of the holy city. Jesus enters knowing that he is going to die there as he has prophesied in the Gospel. Some people welcomed him and some of them saw him raising Lazarus from the dead. These started tending to believe in him. Did some of them favor the Chief Priests when they told Pilate “Crucify him, crucify him” as some claim? We don’t know. However, it is important for us to know that if we became his followers, it is a shame to deny him.

In the period between entering Jerusalem and crucifixion, a lot of events happened and Jesus spoke a lot. According to the Gospel of John, from which we took today’s reading, Jesus purifies the Temple on Monday. He teaches in the Temple on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the conspiracy against Jesus happens and on Thursday the Mystical Supper occurs with the farewell speech. After that, the Lord gets arrested and put under trial. Then, on Friday, there is his crucifixion, death and burial.

Jesus accepts death, the thing he came for. Through this, he was fulfilling the Father’s will and revealing his love for humans.

On Palm Sunday, we open our hearts so that the love of Christ would enter them and we respond to this love to be able to live once we take it through the Holy Spirit.

On the eve of Palm Sunday we have the service of the bridegroom and the same service on Holy Monday and Tuesday. In this service, every soul invites the blessed Christ to become its bridegroom or groom just as he is the groom of priests.

On all of the days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) we take communion, the body of the Lord in the presanctified gifts’ liturgy so that we truly revive in Christ daily. On Thursday, we have the memory of the Mystical Supper in an ordinary liturgy which is a peak in the life of the Holy community. After that, we reach the service of the passions and the readings of its Gospels, and by that we put on Christ who is going for our redemption and love and we chant his passions throughout the day on Holy Friday getting ready for his Resurrection from Holy Saturday until the light of Resurrection appears to us.

Translated by Mark Najjar

Original Text: “دخول أورشليم” –Raiati no16- 17.04.2011