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Trust / 02.06.2002

Let us consider that the tendency to individualism is to live for yourself without looking at the group that you belong to and cooperate with. In this popular thinking, one would be only thinking about his own benefit: What could I gain from this person in order to get closer to him or vote for him? On the other hand, it is very rare in our society to think about how could I strengthen this person and take care of him if he’s in need, or how could I encourage him and let people see him if they needed him.

When I don’t leave the borders of my family and clan to see the good things everywhere, this would be called familial fanaticism. However, it is actually an individualism tendency, as I feel stronger through the good and the intelligent and believe that I don’t need to appear when others are better than me. Therefore, I might disappear behind the shadow and feel very comfortable without my conscience and my love towards others. The important thing is not when they say that I am good, but when God does.

Yes, no person can live without joining others, without friendship. And friendship, specifically, is an exodus from the self enclosed ego to a community ego. My entity exists in my friend, and through his guidance and tenderness, it shall become stronger as he becomes stronger through me. Also, you get out of yourself through understanding and this way the community of the knowledgeable is formed.

He who can be beautiful, let him be. The Lord loves our beauty which refreshes others. And he who knows the Word let him talk to benefit others. What benefit does my speech bring if it was silly? “You are the light of the world”: The sin is to turn off the light.

Perhaps the reason behind this isolation is fear from others. The Romans said long time ago: “Man is a wolf for man”. The legitimate position says that a man is innocent until the opposite is proved, while the biblical position says that we should love one another and not think if the other deserves our love or not. You should love without putting conditions on the other or yourself and without waiting for any reward. However, trusting the other from the beginning might help you to love.

When a person comes to you, trust him first. After dealing with him you will know if he deserved your trust. When a person talks, trust him from the beginning because him deceiving you is better than you being unjust through doubting him. For if he saw you doubting him and he was pure, he will become frustrated and maybe would become in severe grief. If you had a lot of experience, you would be able to quickly know the person coming towards you. However, not all of us have this experience. Through trust you shall evoke trust and refresh the soul of the other. Meet the other with love and keep cooperating until you get disappointed. You need the other spiritually and he might need you too spiritually or physically. Numerous souls are saved through trust. Remember what John the beloved said: “Love drives out fear”. A lot of our weaknesses come from fear that doesn’t leave any strength in us.

How do you want us to build the church and become a community for Christ without trust? What is the bond between the members of this community if it wasn’t one’s confidence in another? I am not inviting you to close your mind and not have any analysis. Let your mind be enlightened, precise, and examining, and at the same time receive others in your heart for this might open it.

You cannot live without warmth. Without close people you would dry. It is imposed on you to be close from your father, mother, brothers and sisters; and your relatives might be bad. Therefore, find yourself friends to be the family of your heart.

Translated by Mark Najjar

Original Text: الثقة” ” –Raiati no22- 02.06.2002

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