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The Bestowed Kingdom / October 06, 1996

The heart is open for everyone, as they are in their weariness, complaints (grumbling is our disease), objections and requests for help. The open heart has no fear and never rejects anyone. Each and every one of us has the right to knock the door of the heart and to feel he is received with gladness, whether he was polite or rude at the beginning. If he is accepted with delight, his insolence will vanish away. You might not be able to respond to every demand; but, first and foremost, we all need sincere affection.

Someone comes to cry beside you. Cry with those who cry, rejoice with those who rejoice and console those who are in grief, for the Holy Spirit is the Comforter, as Jesus called Him in His last talk with His disciples, and as we call Him at the beginning of every prayer. To comfort does not mean to coax or to flatter.  Sometimes, you need to be severe, but your interlocutor feels – if you were caring – that you do not intend to hurt, mock or disregard him. If you had little and you were asked for help, then you shall offer what you have, so the asker will know you are sincere. And your presence is what you can always give. If you had some influence, authority or control, do not hesitate to help others, for we are all brothers in Him who loved us to death.

Do not be judgmental as to people’s intentions because you ignore intentions. It is better for you to be deceived than to misjudge. “God tests the hearts and minds”. You are incapable of testing hearts. Do not think that you are extremely intelligent, for this is an arrogant behavior. Listen to others’ needs, be innocent while listening and respond to the request if you can, so you shall be serving God. The Christ is behind the needy, so if you serve the latter, you are serving the Christ.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that naivety is a condition of innocence, nor exaggeration is a condition of intelligence. Try to find out the hidden talents, because for many people, these talents are often veiled for no one loved them. Love people and you shall see them doing miracles. People die in a horrible isolation. Every human being is lonely. One might be lonely and have a wife who does not love him. Similarly, many women feel they are uncared for. Most people are scattered, and find no one by their side when they need to express their complaints or describe their sufferings.

You need to get out of your shell and reach to the other’s face. If you reject others’ faces, then yours and theirs are gloomy because no one has ever looked at them. People can be overexcited, yet they are lonely; for excitement does not help us get rid of our seclusion. People might think that they are meeting others at wedding ceremonies since these are joyful; however this is not always the case. Adornment is a sign of one’s isolation; and luxury is the main indicator of isolation. Our overspending implies our deep dejection; for happiness does not need anything else to be. We can add nothing to happiness.

We are invited to share happiness, rather than superficial pleasures. Happiness is to forgive and not to blame; for blaming means that you were expecting something and you ended up being deceived. You ought to expect to be deceived by those whom you love most. Even the closest persons to you may hurt you. This is certainly sore. But, do not leave those who hurt you, for they do not know what they do.  Perhaps they hurt you because they have been suffering from life, and they are throwing their harm on you. Be patient and pray for them so that they can have a clear sight and peace in their hearts. Be kind with them so that they wake up. Your aim is their spiritual wellbeing, and your main concern is that they see the face of God rather than yours. You want to see their faces illuminated; and this is your reward. You shall be happy for them being cured; and they shall pay you love in return. But, if you treat them in a bad manner, you will fall in badness with them, and they will not be released.

Let the doors of your soul be open for all those who come to you, so you shall rise and they will too. This is the kingdom bestowed on all of you.

Translated by Amani Haddad – 26.02.10

Original Text: “الملكوت المسكوب” – 06.10.96

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